Prices for Sussex Charter Fishing — 2017

All charter boat prices are valid during 2016 and for trips up to 25 miles from port.  With trips further than 25 miles, I might ask for an additional amount to cover the extra fuel costs.

Prices per Person and Whole Boat Bookings

From the table below, you can see the prices of our Sea Fishing Trips when booked per person on an individual basis or for bookings made for a group. Please look at my calendar for Availability 
Prices are as follows:

Fishing TripCostNumber of personsDuration

INDIVIDUAL SPACES – Booked on a Per Person Basis

Reef and Ground Fishing£45.009 spaces8 hours
Deep Sea Wreck Fishing£60.009 spaces8 hours
* Premium Day Wreck Fishing£75.008 spaces9 – 10 hours
* Turbot Fishing£75.007 spaces8 hours
* Bass Fishing£75.006 spaces8 hours

BOAT CHARTERS – Whole Boat Bookings

Reef and Ground Fishing£450.00Up to 10 spaces8 hours
Deep Sea Wreck Fishing£600.00Up to 10 spaces8 hours
Wreck Fishing at Anchor£500.00Up to 10 Recommend 88 hours
Half Day Fishing – 4 hour trips£350.00Up to 10 spaces4 hours
Equipment Hire and Bait
If you need rod hire it will cost £10.00 for a full day and £5.00 for half day.
Includes one set of end tackle.
Trips prefixed with. *  Rod hire is not available. 

Sussex Fishing — Boat Trips

Pleasure Trips
To hire the boat for a 2 hour pleasure sight seeing trip for up to 10 passengers.   £150.00

Ash Scattering
An ash scattering service normally lasts for about an hour. I set course to a suitable location off the coast and then the engine will be switched off. Your ceremony can be conducted while the boat drifts along silently in the tide or at anchor. This is to your preference. (Wind and tide conditions dependant). An ash scattering service is quite often conducted during the evening. If you see that I might be booked, please call me anyway and I will do all I can to accommodate your requirements. The cost of this service is £100.

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