Sea Fishing Trips

We specialise in deep sea fishing trips on She Likes It II. My home port is Shoreham Harbour in Brighton. Or to be precise, “Hove Actually “.
Fishing trips made up with individual anglers are called an “Individuals Day”.
When chartered by one party that is called a “Whole boat booking”.
If you are looking to go Fishing in Sussex — look no further than Sussex Fishing.

If you are an experienced angler, or just beginning with this sport you are welcome aboard. Anglers of all levels of experience can come fishing afloat. If you require some help or tuition, this is freely given. If you require a rod and reel I can hire this out to you for a small charge. Tackle and bait can be purchased from the Lagoon Bait and Tackle Shop which is a five minute walk or one minute car ride away.  Or, alternatively I do stock frozen bait in the freezer which is right next to the boat and a selection of fishing tackle that I can sell.

Deep Sea fishing trips – Spring to Autumn – On the ground

Depending on the ground fished and time of year you can catch the following:
Bass, Bream, Smoothhound, Spur Dog, Tope, Bull Huss, Plaice, Dab, Ray’s, Garfish, Mackerel and even Conger on the ground and reefs from Brighton to Littlehampton.

Winter Cod Fishing

Deep sea fishing trips to catch a big Cod!
If you are looking for a Cod fishing trip, the winter time is the best time to give it a go.  There is a very good reason for this. From late autumn and through the winter, Cod migrate to shallower waters to spawn. Cod in the region of 20-30lbs are not uncommon with the very occasional one of 40lb+. It can be a waiting game and the number of Cod caught can vary from year to year. I would fish for Cod with a sliding ledger, equipped with a pennel rig of two 6 or 8/0 hooks. A large smelly bait is required, made up from squid, worm or cuttle fish an this must be kept hard on the bottom.

Then you sit back with a hot drink wrapped up to keep the cold out, listening to the radio and chatting with your fellow anglers, waiting patiently for the tell tail gentle nod of the rod tip.

Deep Sea fishing trips – Winter to late Summer – Wrecking

Typical species caught on the wrecks are predominantly Pollock and Cod with Bass and Ling to a lesser degree.
In the winter and through to the summer we usually fish on the drift over the wrecks with lures.
From July / August time I also start fishing (Tide dependant) the wrecks at anchor. The greater variety of fish caught at anchor include Cod, Ling, Conger, Bream and several others including the obligatory Pout Whiting.

When anchoring the wrecks with a large bait for Cod, Ling or Conger. Although a general purpose 20-30lb class setup will suffice, it might pay to up size to a 50lb class rod with a larger reel loaded with braid. A braid fishing line is far superior when fishing the wrecks like this. Also it will be easier on the angler when cranking his or her gear up from 200ft

Sussex Fishing

Our main aim, is that for everyone who comes on one of our deep sea fishing trips and is a guest of Sussex Fishing. That he or she  will have a safe, enjoyable, productive day out on the water and then go home with some fish for the table.
Regardless of your experience, we will do our best to ensure you have an excellent day out.

Keeping Your Catch

You can keep what you catch so long as it is above the minimum landing size and it is not a protected species. The following link opens a new window on the Angling Trust website minimum landing size. Please note. It is illegal for fish to be sold on.

Sussex Fishing Loyalty Card

I have a loyalty card scheme that has become very popular with my regular customers

If you come on 10 trips, the 11th will be FREE to the value of the current weekday ground / reef
fishing trip.

Loyalty Card Terms and conditions
Maximum of two Loyalty Cards can/will be redeemed in any one trip.

Offer only valid on trips at non discounted rates.

Charges will be at current rates and subject to change.

Non Transferable.

A completed Loyalty Card must be presented.


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