Preparing For Your Day

Preparing for your Day – The safety of ALL who are on She Likes It II is paramount, therefore it is necessary to get prepared for your day aboard. This can easily be achieved with a few straightforward steps and thought. Preparing for your day will involve the following.

Safety Briefing

Prior to departure, you will have a safety briefing from the skipper. This will provide you with the the relevant information for the location of the boat’s safety equipment and how to use it. Things you cannot do and things you can do and how to do them.

If anyone on board has a medical condition that might effect them during the trip, the skipper must be advised at the booking stage or at the latest, before departure.

Any accidents or incidents during the day MUST be reported to the skipper.

Preparing For Your Day


Please bring suitable footwear for the trip. It is very likely that the deck will become wet and so can become slippery. For your own comfort and safety, shoes with a rubber sole are the most appropriate. Trainers or Wellington boots are ideal.
Also, the temperature while at sea, is generally a bit cooler  than when onshore. I recommend that you are prepared with plenty of thin layers and a fleece plus a set of waterproofs.


Sunscreen is very important and is worth using at sea. When the sun is shining and the sea is calm you will burn very quickly from sun reflection off the water. On a hot day it is just as important to wear a hat as well.


You will need to bring along your own food and snacks for the day. Tea , coffee or hot chocolate I can provide as and when required. There is a cafe very close by if you need a real breakfast before you start. I would recommend the Feedwell Cafe which is next door to Lagoon Bait and Tackle Shop.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is not permitted on board. Consumption of Alcohol on board will result in an immediate return to port as in invalidates our Insurance.

Departure Times and Trip Duration

Departure is usually 07:30 or 08:30 but can be earlier to catch a more favourable tide. I usually return on either the 15:30 or 16:30 lock There is some flexibility as lock out is on the hour and lock in on the 1/2 hour and trip times can vary slightly.

PLEASE call me after 6:30pm the evening before your trip. This is for a weather check and  to ensure that the sea state forecast is not too rough for the following day.