The Most Frequently Asked Questions. FAQ’S

I have assembled the  most frequently asked questions, (FAQ’S) that I regularly receive either by email or phone call.

How much does it cost to go fishing
For a full prices breakdown Please View My Prices page.
How can I make a booking
You can Register and Login with my Online booking service. Once logged in, a “Buy Ticket” button will be displayed on trips with available spaces.  Book Online

Or browse through my Availability Calendar to find a suitable trip and then contact me by phone or via the contact form to make an enquiry. Contact Us

If the date you are interested in has no trip advertised, but it is marked as “Available”. Please Contact Us that we may discuss the options available.

How can I see when you are available to go fishing
Please view my Availability Calendar. Any date I am already taking bookings for will be indicated along with how many spaces are available.  Also any date the boat is available to be booked by an individual or party will be marked in green. Any date marked in Red the boat is not available. Availability Calendar
How many people can you take fishing
On a normal individuals day, I limit the maximum number of anglers to NINE.  Three off each side of the boat and three off the back of the boat.

If the whole boat is chartered for a single party of people, the maximum is up to TEN.

Do the prices include everything I need to go fishing
No. The prices quoted are for the cost of the trip only. If you require fishing tackle I can hire this out at a small additional cost. I can also supply frozen bait at a competitive price.
Is there parking and how much does it cost
The parking is Very close. Almost next to the boat and it is FREE!
Do I need to bring my own rod, reel and tackle
Not at all. You are welcome to hire my tackle for a small charge.
Do you have a toilet on board
What weights will I need
There are too many variables to answer that here. It will depend on state of tide, depth of water, size of bait, what rig you are using and the thickness of your main line. “Enough” Is the easy answer. But if you keep your rig as simple as possible and are using braid, 10-12oz of lead is usually enough when fishing inshore.
What happens to my deposit if the trip is cancelled
If the trip is cancelled by us for any reason. (Usually the weather) You are welcome to have your deposit returned or select another fishing date.
Can I keep what I catch
Keeping your Catch
You can keep what you catch so long as it is above the minimum landing size and it is not a protected species. The following link opens a new window on the Angling Trust website minimum landing size. Please note. It is illegal for your catch to be sold on. Minimum Landing Sizes